Old Grapes

There are grapes in the refrigerator that are dried up and turning... lets just say bad. Time to bite the bullet and do something with them before they get worse. Then I might have to actually throw them out. Luckily I have a great blender and can turn anything into a smoothie. I love this blender!

Whole Grape Juice

4 c. grapes
1/2 ice

Place in blender and blend.

I think the grapes are so sour it may need some sugar. Plus many of the grapes are dried up so it is hard to get an accurate measurement. But I don't think it matters with this recipe.

Update: Maybe I should use fewer shriveled grapes and add a little water to rehydrate them.


Nana said...

That looks familiar.

Taryn said...

lol ummm...by dried up, do you mean shriveled? the name of the smoothie should then be Whole Grape and Raisin Juice.

Tarnation said...

Yes they were shriveled...like golden raisins. Hmmmmm. I wonder what else I can do with them. Do you think my husband would notice?

Whitney Elizabeth said...

my mouth is permanently stuck in a sour position whilst drinking this concoction.

Taryn said...

hehe whit. lol actually. :)