Dehydrating Kale

This is a great way to store kale or any greens as it doesn't take up freezer space.  It's easy to throw in a smoothie or food recipe.  If you pulverize it in a food processor it takes up even less space on the shelf. 
Dehydrating Greens

Tear off the leafy greens from the main vein and other large veins.

Wash greens well.  I dump mine in the sink and wash each one individually. 

Let drain and remove excess water by shaking water off, patting excess water or using a salad spinner.

I use the dehydrating option on my oven.  I place a single layer of greens on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and dehydrate at 140 degrees.  If you don't have this option, set the temperature to the lowest setting which is probably 180 degrees or use a dehydrator and follow the manufacturers instructions.  Watch greens to determine when they are dry enough.  Let cool before storing.

The smoothie in the picture is made with apple juice or cider, peaches, bananas, raspberries, kale and ice.