Leftover Juice

I put up about 160 pints of crab apple jelly.  It was a bountiful year for the crab apples and I couldn't let all that fruit go to waste.  I'd rather slave over a hot stove and then let all that jelly go to waste.  On the bright side I will never have to make jam again in my life.  My last little bit of juice wasn't enough to make a batch of jelly so I just drank it.  
Crab Apple Juice

If extracting juice with a press:
Heat juice to 160 degrees to pasteurize.  Check the temperature with a thermometer because you will maintain a taste more like unheated cider if you don't bring the cider to a full boil. 

If you use a Nutri-Steamer to extract the juice, pasteurizing isn't necessary as it is heated in the extraction process.

Sweeten to taste while the juice is warm.  Drink warm or cold.  By leaving it tart or slightly tart it can be used as a red wine substitute.   

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Taryn said...

I like the idea of using as a substitute for cooking. And that is a whole 'lotta crab apple jelly. You're awesome.