A Giant Crouton

Here is something easy to do with a loaf of bread that is too hard to eat. There is one stipulation however. You have to be able to slice it with a knife.

Cheesy CroutonAdapted from Chef John
Old bread, sliced or fresh bread sliced and toasted

Lightly butter bread slice on one side. Top with cheese. Place in oven and broil until cheese is melted and bubbly. Use a cookie sheet to catch any melting cheese if desired. Watch carefully as not to burn the cheese or bread.
Place in the middle of a bowl of soup.
I used my cheesy crouton with cream of broccoli soup, made without the cheese.


Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

Cheesy crouton-looks pretty good!
Congratulations! You've been chosen for The Stylish Blogger Award!

The details are here!

Carrot Jello said...

YAy! We won!
We should go dress shopping together to buy our gowns for the award ceremony!

lizlaughs said...

This is a great idea. Don't tell my kids, but I made grilled cheese sandwiches the other day with bread that had just a little teeny tine touch of green on it (that I tour off and threw away ofcourse). I even ate one. I know... gross. But I did not have time to go to the store and there is something about grilling it with cheese and butter that makes it all better. :)

Tarnation said...

Mmmmmm...cheese and butter. Fat and salt/sugar fixes everything. That should be the name of my blog.

Taryn said...

Hope nobody chipped a tooth. ;)