Old Blueberry Pie

The glaze in the blueberry pie must be like formaldehyde. It was been around for weeks and is still good. Good but old. An on-the-run breakfast favorite around here is strawberry milk. Why not blueberry pie milk?

Strawberry Milk

1 c. milk
1 c. strawberries
Sugar to taste
Blend well in blender.

I use frozen strawberries and I leave the tops on. Greens! I add 1-2 T. of sugar.

Blueberry Pie Milk

1 c. milk
1 slice blueberry pie
1/2 c. ice (optional)
Blend well in blender.


Whitney Elizabeth said...

tasted delicious. and i love strawberry milk for breakfast.

Lindsay said...

I think T would love this. He loves blueberries.

Taryn said...

When in doubt--smoothy-fy it. There is nothing a metal blade and some ice can't fix. :)

I LOVE the strawberry milk. MMmmm.