And I Quote

I think this stuff tastes funny.

You think so?

I do. It tastes like plastic and bad oil. It doesn't taste like raspberry hazelnut dressing that's for sure.

Easy Marinated Chicken
Adapted from Wish-Bone
Serves 6

3/4 cup any vinaigrette style dressing
6 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves (about 1-1/2 lbs.)

  1. Pour 1/2 cup dressing over chicken in large, shallow non-aluminum baking dish or plastic bag. Cover, or close bag, and marinate in refrigerator, turning occasionally, 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  2. Remove chicken from marinade, discarding marinade. Grill or broil chicken, turning once and brushing frequently with remaining 1/4 cup Dressing, 12 to 18 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly cooked.
*Variations: 2-1/2 to 3 lbs. chicken pieces OR 2-1/2 lbs. pork chops (about 1-in. thick).
Approximate Nutrition Information per serving
Calories 220, Calories From Fat 90, Saturated Fat 2g, Total Fat 10g, Cholesterol 75mg, Sodium 530mg, Total Carbohydrates 3g, Sugars 2g, Dietary Fiber 0g, Protein 27g


The Wimpy Mother said...

You've got a little typo. The recipe calls for 1 cup, but you marinate with 1/2 cup and then brush with remaining 1/4 cup.
I'm not a perfectionist, and my blog is full of typos. Just delete this comment. ;)

Tarnation said...