Look Away! I'm Hideous!

"What is it?"
"It's the Evil Eye."
We are in the middle of musical appliances. Moving this one here and that one there. I was forced to clean out the basement refrigerator. I found lots of fodder. First item up for bid, a very large jar of fresh dill pickles. Frozen. And of course upon thawing, they became limp and mushy. This recipe hides that fact.

Ham and Pickle Pinwheel Appetizers

1 package ham slices
Jar of dill pickles, whole, patted dry
8 oz cream cheese softened

Cut the ends off of the pickles. Spread a layer of cream cheese on a ham slice. Ham can be patted dry for ease in spreading creme cheese if desired. Starting at one end, roll up the pickle. Wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until cream cheese is firm, about 2 hours. Slice into 1/2 inch thick slices.

My pickles are spears, not whole. Thus the odd shape. Yours will look better. I hope. Either way they are tasty.

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