Have you ever left orange juice concentrate in the fridge to thaw and forgot about it? Yeah, me neither. But if I did and it was dark and fermented, it would still taste good in this recipe.

Red Slush

3 packages unsweetened cherry Kool-Aid. I use black cherry.
3 cups sugar
12 oz can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed

Add all ingredients to a 5 quart container. Add 4 quarts of water, leaving an a couple of inches of head space at the top. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Freeze for 24 hours in a deep freezer, longer in a frost free freezer. Thaw for about 4 hours before serving or microwave for 10 minutes. Chop the slush completely before serving.


Carrot Jello said...

Yeah, just don't give it to the grandkids if it's fermented.

Susan said...

This is a yummy treat!