This might be a good time to pass on a medical tip learned from DR.T.
Botulism - you can get it if you eat food that has it - an
indication is when a can looks like it's going to burst - botulism
bacteria produces gas I think - not absolutely positive about it.

In any event, if someone gets it, it can lead to paralysis that typically
starts with the muscles of the face and then spreads towards the limbs.
It paralyzes their diaphragm so they can't breathe, which is why people
die. So if that happens (truly paralyzed and not just choking), you
just do mouth to mouth while waiting for paramedics. As long as someone
or something (like a ventilator) breathes for them for a few days, it
should be ok. It takes 3–5 days for the symptoms to become apparent.

Foodborne botulism results from contaminated foodstuffs in which
C. botulinum spores have been allowed to germinate. This typically
occurs in home-canned food substances and fermented uncooked dishes.


I can't feel my face!

Oh yeah. That is from the Novocaine I had with my root canal today thanks to stale French bread.

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Carrot Jello said...

Well, how do you know the novocaine hasn't worn off, and you are just feeling (or not) the effects of botulism, huh? You'd better get checked out. And while you're at it, stop at the store and pick up some fresh french bread.
And whatever you do, DON'T put it in the basement.