Spoiled Cream

Costco had heavy cream on clearance in December and I bought some.  I managed to control myself and only bought 6.  Then I even gave 4 away.  Baby steps.  The cream was dated December 12th so you can imagine how it smells and tastes on March 24th.  I just whipped it into shape and beat it into butter. 
Spoiled Cream Cultured Butter

Heavy Cream
Salt to taste 
Bowl of ice water

Pour cream into a bowl.  I used a stand mixer since it takes so long and I had a half gallon of cream.  I covered the mixer with a towel to avoid the cream from splattering all over the kitchen.  This is a messy process.  

Beat on medium until cream starts to thicken then turn on high.  Keep beating until the whey starts to comes out of the solids.  It really starts to spatter at this point so turn down the mixer.  Scrape the sides as necessary.  Keep beating until the butter balls up.

Place butter in the bowl of ice water and knead it.  This will wash off the remaining whey.  Squeeze water out of butter.  I washed my butter in stages as I had almost 2 pounds.  Knead salt into butter on a cutting board.  I used 1 t. for a half gallon of cream. 

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