Sour Milk

I had a gallon of milk that was 6 weeks past due but there is no way I was going to throw out that past due milk I bought for 99 cents.  I know there are lots of yogurt recipes out there but I'm posting mine to help me remember what I did.  My brain is past the "best if used by" date. 
Greek Style Yogurt
Recipe for using 1 gallon of milk

Bring milk to just a boil.  Skim off the layer that forms.  Cool to 115-120 degrees F.  Add 2 T of plain yogurt and stir well making sure it is mixed throughout.  Pour into jars and put lids on.  Place in yogurt maker and use the manufacturers instructions.   I put my jars in the well of my Chambers stove for 10 hours.   Line a strainer with wet cheesecloth.  Pour yogurt into lined strainer and let drain for 2 hours.  Place in jars and refrigerate. 

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