$25 Dollar a Dozen Field Corn

This was my first year of growing corn. I don't see why people think its so hard. All I had to do was fertilize it with nitrogen ($) every month, hand pollinate it weekly, and keep it out of the grubby little hands of raccoons (fox urine $$$ and other warfare tactics). I got so excited about my ears of corn I was going to let them grow and grow until they became the biggest ears possible. Big mistake. Starchy. Tough. Approaching field corn. Did I mention it's hairy? Using this recipe to soften the corn. A little. And yes those are bags over the ears.

Skillet Corn

2 c. frozen corn (I used my fresh)
2 T. butter
2 T. milk, half and half, or cream

Place all ingredients into small skillet. Cover. Cook on low until corn is tender and heated through, stirring often.


Sarah said...

my husbands granddad grows corn every year and all he does is spray it with SEVIN and then when the ears start to silk he takes an eye dropper and drops vegetable oil down the ear where it starts to silk and doesnt have any issue with bugs etc. I'm sorry that you had a hard time with your corn!! maybe next year will be better!

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Tarnation said...

Thanks to both of you!